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‘Shoot ahead of the duck’ – industrial control systems security

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Any hunter will tell you that if you want to hit your target you have to anticipate its future movement. The same goes for cyber security. The American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufactures’ (AFPM) Q&A and Technology Forum will be looking at cyber security with three presentations. They will be pat of the Plant Automation and Decision Support sessions.

Lessons from surviving a 300G bps Denial of Service Attack

This presentation recently given at the Black Hat conference, shows how a distributed denial attack against a company that had been growing for weeks culminated with over 300 G/s of attack traffic targeting the anti spam organisation’s network. At that point it became the largest such attack ever reported in history, at least four times the size of the attacks that crippled US banks just a few months earlier. Cloudflare, the presenter of this session, was given access to the attacked company and will report their findings and what lessons the refining industry can take from this.

Panel Discussion on Cyber Security

Three member of the AFPM Cyber Security Subcommittee will discuss cyber security issues coming from Washington, issues in refining and what companies need to do now to be proactive in industrial control systems security. The panellists are Steve Elwart, Director of Systems Engineering at Ergon; Blake Larson, VP of IT at Western Refining and Graham Speake, Principal Systems Architect at Yokogawa.

Cyber Security, Physical Security and Industrial Control Systems

This presentation by Professor Alvaro Cardenas of the University of Texas-Dallas, will investigate denial of service attacks on sensors that measure physical phenomenon.

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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