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API’s Energy Works campaign

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

API President and CEO Jack Gerard told reporters on 24th July that the API’s new ‘Energy Works’ campaign will help educate the American population about how the oil and natural gas industry is providing Americans with jobs and contributing to community life.


‘API has launched a new public information campaign called Energy Works to provide some facts around America’s oil and natural gas industry and those who work in it. The initiative features a new website that uses videos to tell the story of the industry’s workers and the communities in which they live. API will be promoting Energy Works through our ongoing work to raise energy literacy. The launch includes print and online advertising.

‘The oil and natural gas industry has been a major job creator at a time when overall US job creation has stagnated. It has created thousands of jobs or, at best, holding steady. Since the recession began, the oil and natural gas industry has grown by more than 86 000 jobs. In contrast, the economy as a whole has lost 5 million, according to numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

‘Our industry is going to continue investing in America. And it’s going to continue to support common sense energy policies that encourage development all of our nation’s energy resources. That’s the only way we’ll be able to meet our future energy needs, supply affordable energy to our economy, and put people back to work. We see a strong role for oil and natural gas to get our economy growing again. With Energy Works, we’re helping to educate the nation about what we can do.’

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Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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