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Successful relocation of Laby Compressor

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AGA Gas has relocated the entire Laby® Compressor and auxiliary equipment from Stenungsund to a site in Sandviken 500 km away. Burckhardt Compression was selected for this job because it knows Laby Compressors the best and it has a proven track record in managing the demanding requirements of oxygen compression applications.

The oxygen Laby Compressor no longer met the customer’s needs. Meanwhile, in Sandviken, a re-life of an old air separation was performed. Major tests had to be conducted in finalise the relocation.

"As the OEM of the Laby Compressor, Burckhardt Compression knows this compressor best and it has an excellent reputation for precision and quality," said Martin Welin-Berger, Project Leader at AGA Gas.

An engineering study was conducted by Burckhardt Compression to ensure compliance with the new operating conditions. The new location is planned to produce 30% lower volumes with reduced pressure of 36 bar instead of 50 bar. The key goal was a high level of energy efficiency, which was achieved by installing a new motor.

This was a comprehensive relocation project involving the Laby Compressor and all auxiliaries such as the cooling system, dampeners, oil system, supports and piping system. All parts were entirely dismantled, labelled and prepared for shipping and re-installation at the new plant in Sandviken. The most demanding task was the cleaning process. Cleaning specifications for oxygen compressors are very strict; compressor parts must be completely oil-free. For safety reasons all cleaned parts have to be controlled with black light to make sure they are spotlessly clean. Reinstalling the Laby Compressor at its new location also gave Burckhardt Compression the opportunity to revamp the Laby Compressor and apply the latest technology.

Mats Mjörnling, Plant Manager from AGA Gas in Sandviken, commented: "I am very satisfied with the good and reliable services provided by Burckhardt Compression’s reciprocating field service engineers. Frictionless collaboration and their comprehensive extensive know-how made everyone happy and I'm looking forward to working with them again for future maintenance service."

The Laby, Labyrinth Piston Compressor of Burckhardt Compression, offers reliability and availability, due to its labyrinth sealing system on the piston and rod gland, which enables oil-free and contact-free compression. This results in an extended mean time between overhaul. Further, the gastight casing reduces gas emissions and losses to the environment to virtually zero.

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