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NPRA opens 108th Annual Meeting

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association opened its 108th Annual Meeting on 22nd March 2010. The meeting is the largest professional gathering of its kind in the world. NPRA Chairman William Klesse, CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Valero Energy Corporation, presided and welcomed nearly 1400 refining and petrochemical executives.

Address: William Klesse
In opening proceedings, Mr Klesse focused on the need for sound policy to ensure the continued success of American businesses in the global marketplace. ‘The impact of policy and political decisions on the everyday lives of our nation’s citizens often seem to go forgotten or unheeded by the very people making those decisions,’ Klesse said. ‘Our elected government officials would do well to remember that it is the employees of the oil and gas, refining, pipeline and terminal, and petrochemical community, as well as employees in every other manufacturing and business sector of our economy, who provide the products and services that keep our nation moving forward and allow the US to remain a leader in the global marketplace…We must stand up and be counted. If we do not, we will lose, our country will lose and jobs will be lost.’

Address: Charles T. Drevna
NPRA President Charles T. Drevna emphasised the vital role domestic refiners and petrochemical manufacturers play in the economy and in Americans’ everyday lives. ‘Our industry has never shied away from a challenge, nor will NPRA,’ Drevna said. ‘Our message has been crystal clear and consistent, in both the vest and worst of times – the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical community plays, and will continue to play, a significant role in sustaining the American economy…Ours is not a political or partisan industry; it’s simply a realistic industry that employs millions of Americans directly and indirectly, and strives to safely and reliably provide the products essential for maintaining our quality of life.’

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