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EPA to delay E15 decision for older vehicles

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The API welcomed news on 19th November, reported in media, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would delay a decision on whether gasoline with up to 15% ethanol (E15) is safe for vehicles built during the 2001 to 2006 model years. API Downstream Director Bob Greco commented.

‘Although we have not had official word from EPA, if true, we welcome the delay. As we have suggested previously, EPA should extend its review six months or more to allow scientific testing to be completed on the effects of E15 on the engines of these older vehicles. Approving use of E15 without adequate and complete testing puts American consumers at risk. Early indications from results of testing have revealed potential safety and performance problems that could affect consumers and the investments they've made in their automobiles.’

‘The US oil and natural gas industry is the biggest consumer of ethanol and other biofuels and remains committed to the use of renewable fuels in our energy mix. We support a realistic and workable Renewable Fuel Standard and the responsible introduction of increased biofuels in a manner than protects consumers. However, rushing to allow more ethanol before we know it is safe could be disastrous for consumers and could jeopardise the future of renewable fuels.’

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