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C.A.T. begins building GAIN Clean Fuel natural gas stations

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Local officials and community leaders have joined with representatives from Canadian American Transport (C.A.T Inc.), Gaz Métro Limited Partnership (Gaz Métro) and US Venture Gain Fuel Canada, ULC to break ground for the first GAIN® clean fuel CNG station in Québec, Canada. The station will provide the North American carrier with an alternative fuel to support its growing fleet of CNG trucks. The station, planned to open this autumn, will be supplied with natural gas through Gaz Métro's network.

Nearly a third of C.A.T.'s fleet of 350 tractors will be converted to CNG. This station, along with four additional GAIN clean fuel stations which under construction as part of the partnership, will be combined with the existing Gain clean fuel network to provide C.A.T. access to a reliable and quality source of CNG.

C.A.T. is working to reduce its environmental impact

CNG benefits include savings up to 30% on fuel compared with diesel and up to 25% less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel fuel, thus making it more environmentally friendly – an important feature for C.A.T. which is as it works to reduce its fleet's environmental impact. Another significant advantage is that CNG is domestically produced, creating price stability when compared with diesel which is influenced by the price of oil on the world market.

When completed, the new stations, like all other Gain clean fuel stations, will provide easy access, fast fill capabilities and will be open for use by other fleets and the general public. They will also have fleet card acceptance capabilities for trucker convenience and provide reliability to ensure that fleets have a consistent fuel source.

"We're excited to break ground on this important project," said C.A.T. Inc. President, Daniel Goyette. "The carrier industry is evolving with the use of CNG and we are on the forefront of that evolution. Partnering with Gain clean fuel has provided us the infrastructure we need as we continue to convert our fleet from diesel fuel to operating on CNG. It's been a great relationship and we look forward to leveraging the many benefits of CNG to improve our business and become better environmental stewards."

Strategic location of new station

"Gain is the first major road transport energy distributor to establish itself in Québec, with a public natural gas fuelling station. The strategic location of this new station on one of the most heavily travelled corridors in North America – and a stone's throw from Ontario and the US – will provide even greater flexibility for Québec carriers," said Éric Desmarais, Director, Fuel Market at Gaz Métro. "C.A.T.'s commitment confirms once more how much transport companies recognise the many advantages of natural gas as a replacement for diesel," he added.

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