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Dedicated energy corridor and export terminal for British Colombia?

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Kitsault Energy has suggested that an energy corridor and energy export terminal be built in BC, Canada. The community of Kitsault is a purpose built resource community. It has nearly 350 acres of industrial and residential land, full BC Hydro service and deep water for a port which, in some views, makes it a place of both economic and environmental sense as the preferred location for an LNG terminal site for the export of natural gas from northeast BC to Asia and other markets. Natural gas pipeline routing has already been proposed for the area by other companies.

Advantages of Kitsault as an energy corridor

Below are some of the reasons suggested as to why Kitsault would be an excellent dedicated energy corridor:

  • Kitsault is the closet location to the natural gas rich northeast BC, Canada and northwest Alberta, Canada to establish a dedicated energy corridor and export terminal.
  • It has full BC Hydro Power service to the entire town.
  • It can be accessed by road, multiple airports, water, helicopter, float plane, water taxi etc.
  • Sufficient land for FLNG, land based LNG, port, export terminal, and other infrastructure.
  • Kitsault is located in the Regional District and not a Municipality. Therefore, industrial and other taxes will be lower with potential savings of hundreds of million dollars or more per year in taxes alone.
  • From the terminal, tankers, barges and ships could enter the ocean quickly without experiencing any congestion from navigation related to other traffic such as containers or grain unloading and loading as in other ports.
  • Investments will be made for First Nations communities for purified drinking water, sewer systems, healthcare, education, job training, jobs, and housing.

Phases and next steps.

The multiphase project would range from CAN$ 10 billion to CAN$ 30 billion and include Phase 1, a pipeline, FLNG and port facility.

Kitsault Energy is currently in discussion with global partners for this project. Additionally, Kitsault Energy is seeking cost estimates for the construction of the pipeline, port, terminal and FLNG ships.

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