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NPRA annual meeting gets underway in San Antonio, Texas

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

National Petrochemical and Refiners Association President Charles T. Drevna has kicked off the association’s annual meeting in San Antonio by stating that the US needs an energy policy that recognises the importance of the jobs and the products provided by petrochemical and refining industry.

Drevna said the world will rely on fossil fuels for at least the rest of this century, arguing that US policymakers must realise that the refining and petrochemical industries can aid the economy as well as fulfill the nation’s energy needs.

He also acknowledged new ‘green’ energy sources, but argued that after the research and development phases of these new sources conclude they should be required to compete in the marketplace without government subsidies.

Additionally, former US Senator Alan Simpson told the meeting in San Antonio that the nation's budget deficit ‘is totally unsustainable’ and that shared sacrifice is needed to reduce the nation's debt. Simpson identified a number of measures for achieving this, including bringing federal agriculture subsidies to an end.

Energy journalist Robert Bryce concurred, highlighting flaws in Obama’s energy policy. He stated that one of the nation's most misguided policies is its subsidies for corn ethanol, which Bryce branded ‘one of the longest running robberies of taxpayers in American history.’

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