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NPRA addresses concerns over the US business environment with the House Committee

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association has submitted a written testimony to the US House of Representatives’ Committee on Science and Technology as it convened a hearing titled ‘The Future of Manufacturing: What is the Role of Federal Government in Supporting Innovation by US Manufacturers?’

Letter extracts
‘The American petrochemical industry is an essential part of this country’s economic independence and stability in the global market. Not only does our industry produce materials that are used in thousands of products Americans rely on in their daily lives, but it is also a key component of our international trading market…Furthermore, the American petrochemical industry is the global leader in providing the raw materials for the development of new chemicals for the international market that advance safer and more efficient manufacturing techniques.’

‘However, our country is at risk of losing its status as the international leader in this industry due to international competition and an increasingly hostile domestic business environment. Taxes, an increasing number of overly burdensome regulations, and a flawed domestic energy policy are adversely impacting our industry and allowing other countries to forge ahead of us in research and development, production and international trade…’

‘The US is a world leader in innovation and manufacturing technology, and there is no reason why our country should not remain superior in this field…However, in order for our industry to not only maintain what we have already created but to grow and capitalise on future demand increases and global economic development, the federal government must create an environment that attracts American businesses to expand their options in this country and fosters innovation rather than encouraging jobs to be shipped overseas.’

NPRA Press Release

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