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ExxonMobil employees to introduce students to engineering careers at company sites across US

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

For the eighth consecutive year, ExxonMobil is hosting ‘Introduce a girl to engineering’ sponsored by National Engineers Week, where company employees will host students in various activities designed to encourage careers in engineering. ExxonMobil engineers will engage middle school students with presentations, hands on experiments and demonstrations at 14 company locations across the US. These will focus on mathematics, science, engineering and technology.

The project is the latest in a range of philanthropic activities that aim to advance education in communities where the company has significant operations. ExxonMobil intends to demonstrate to students that careers in engineering are not only lucrative and diverse, but also provide opportunities to contribute to and improve society. Via a combination of site outings at ExxonMobil offices and classroom visits, it is expected that more than 400 volunteers will impact on nearly 3000 students.

Local activities conducted over several months include demonstrations on how the industry uses 3D technology to search for oil and natural gas; water purification experiments; bridge building with straws; exploring the science of manufacturing lipstick; and panel discussions with practicing engineers.

Mathematics and science essential.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the top 15 highest paying jobs today all require advanced numerical skill, and of those top jobs, 12 are in engineering. Despite the obvious benefits of studying mathematics and science, students who do not tackle mathematics beyond algebra II in high school statistically have less than a 40% chance of graduating from college. Due to the fact that eighth grade is perceived as the turning point for choosing higher level mathematics and science classes, ExxonMobil is focusing its resources and efforts at middle school.

The National Engineers Week initiative is part of a wider network of programs and support provided by ExxonMobil in order to encourage students to develop a keen interest in careers in the mathematics and science fields.

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