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MEGTEC becomes US DoE affiliate

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

MEGTEC Systems has announced that it has become an affiliate to the US DoE’s Joint Centre for Energy Storage (JCESR). Led by Argonne National Laboratory, JCESR directs a major research initiative selecting national leaders in science and engineering from government, academia and industry to create breakthrough energy storage technology and overcome critical scientific and technical barriers. The organisation’s diverse expertise spans the full technology development pipeline from basic research and prototype development to product engineering and market delivery. It is collaboration with affiliates, such as MEGTEC that helps JCESR make rapid progress and significant advancement.


MEGTEC president and CEO, Mohit Uberoi said, ‘MEGTEC is pleased and excited to be affiliated with JCESR. We look forward to working with Argonne in speeding innovation for energy storage. We have a long and successful track record in the commercialisation of new ideas.

‘With the advanced work MEGTEC has done in the energy storage markets, especially for the production of lithium ion battery electrodes and fuel cells, we have innovative solutions that will reduce manufacturing costs,’ Uberoi continued.

Director of JCESR at Argonne Laboratories George Crabtree said, ‘we are pleased to include MEGTEC Systems as a JCESR affiliate. We believe MEGTEC’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities will be a valuable resource for the JCESR team.’

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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