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Oil performance standards

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has evaluated results from its annual motor oil testing program and determined that almost 1 in 5 samples of bulk motor oil purchased from the marketplace in each of the last five years have failed to meet API motor oil performance standards.

API collected and tested 1800 motor oils dispensed from bulk tanks over the last five years and nearly 20% of the samples failed to meet API standards. API compared the test results against thousands of licensed oil formulations to determine the identity of the oils and to verify that the oils met the performance level claimed.

Comments on the results

‘API has launched a new phase in Motor Oil Matters program that will provide the information necessary to consumers to ensure they receive the high quality motor oils that they expect for their vehicles,’ said Kevin Ferrick, API’s Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System manager. ‘The Motor Oil Matters program reminds consumers about the importance of using quality motor oils in their cars and trucks,’ added Ferrick. ‘The Motor Oil Matters program calls on certified oil change locations to go the extra step to very the quality of the oil on invoices and receipts.’

Motor Oil Matters

It is recommended by the API that consumers visit to find a Motor Oil Matters (MOM) certified oil change locations, look for the MOM symbol at approved locations, read important information on oil quality, and download the MOM oil change checklist to take to their next oil change. 

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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