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Honeywell to train refinery technicians in Vietnam

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced that it will be training technical personnel at the Nighi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Limited Liability Company’s (NSRP) new 200 000 bpd facility being built in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. Honeywell will be responsible for helping to prepare the workforce for the refinery’s 2017 startup as well as the ongoing operational and business readiness of the facility.

The Nighi Son refinery will be Vietnam’s second and largest and will be able to fulfil approximately 30% of Vietnam’s growing demand for refined petroleum products, such as motor fuel and petrochemicals. Vietnam is a net exporter of crude oil, producing more than 350 000 bpd of crude oil. But with limited refining capacity, the country currently imports more than half of its refined products to meet demand.

Honeywell’s role

On projects such as this, Honeywell is able to implement a standardised training strategy, which includes a targeted, cost effective programme that addresses gaps in experience and competency of the recruited workforce. Honeywell’s in country experience also enables it to identify and empower local educational institutions to provide a large share of training deliverables.

Honeywell also believe that large industrial organisations can also leverage the company’s training management services to integrate best in class instruction provided by industry exports for advanced level training. This approach blends classroom instruction, including eLearning, with simulation, hands on experience and on the job components. The program also measures each employee’s progress and provides remedial intervention for those needing additional help.

Specifically in its role at the new refinery, Honeywell will work with the NSRP human resources department to help train all operations, maintenance and quality assurance personnel before and after the facility’s startup. This ranges from helping with recruitment and screening, to supporting the functions necessary to achieve a competent workforce. Honeywell will also leverage local resources, educational institutions and in country refining capabilities, thus reducing cost to NSRP as well as increasing the local facilities’ capabilities to support future initiatives.


Kazutoshi Shimmura, general director, NSRP said, ‘this refinery will be an important part of Vietnam’s energy picture, enabling us to turn our own vast oil reserves into finished products.’

John Rudolph, VP, Honeywell Process Solutions said, ‘the training partnership between Honeywell and NSRP will help to enable the refinery workforce to become more productive faster, increasing value and safety to NSRP’s operations.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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