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AFPM comment on Obama’s carbon tax remarks

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Charles T. Drevna, President of the AFPM has responded to remarks made by President Obama that indicated he would not support a carbon tax.


‘I applaud the president for recognising that now is not the time for a new, regressive carbon tax that will hamper the nation’s ability to get the economy back on track. As the Congressional Budget Office recently noted, such a tax would hit low income Americans the hardest.

‘While Congress and the administration look for ways to avert the year end fiscal cliff, I encourage them to consider taking steps to stop the impending, back door energy taxes Americans will soon experience as the result of the EPA’s all cost, little to no benefit regulatory onslaught. Among the initiatives the Agency is advancing greenhouse gas regulations that will be very costly to every American consumer, but, by the administration’s own admission, will do little to notion to reduce global concentrations of greenhouse gases.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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