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Aggreko and DuPont bring temperature control to sulfuric alkylation market

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Aggreko and DuPont have collaborated to bring temperature control technology to sulfuric acid alkylation customers.

Power generation and HVAC speciality rental company, Aggreko plc, and leading sulfuric acid alkylation technology licensor, DuPont, have teamed up to provide Aggreko temperature control, including chiller systems, to DuPontTM STRATCO® sulfuric acid alkylation customers worldwide.

Chiller systems are used in two key areas within the alkylation process to control process temperature: the reaction zone and the refrigeration section. The ability to reduce temperatures in these areas allows for significant process benefits in the form of increased throughput, reduced acid consumption, reduced corrosion and/or improved alkylate quality. Refineries use the alkylation process to convert low value mixed butylene, propylene and/or amylene feed streams into a high value alkylate product.

An east coast refinery test was conducted by Aggreko’s Process Services (APS) group and the DuPont Clean Technologies division where chiller systems were installed in the reactor feed section of the STRATCO alkylation unit. Initial test results demonstrated an increase in alkylate production of over 45%, going from an alkylate product yield of 6800 bpd at a 63°F reactor operating temperature to a production rate of 9900 bpd at 60°F and a decreased feed temperature from 57°F - 42°F.

The successful test led to an arrangement between Aggreko and DuPont to further explore and expand temperature control for the sulfuric acid alkylation market.

“Aggreko is a leading provider of temperature control systems for the petrochemical and refining industry,” said Mark Puett, global business segment Leader of DuPont Clean Technologies. “By partnering with Aggreko, we will ensure that the STRATCO alkylation units licensed by DuPont operate under optimal conditions in refineries.”

Russell Schuster, Senior Vice President of temperature control for Aggreko commented, “We are proud to work with DuPont Clean Technologies and provide customers with temperature control that allows the STRATCO alkylation unit to run at reduced temperatures, thereby increasing process output.”

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