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Global downstream news: weekend catch up

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Petrobras has announced that it will start a new diesel hydrotreater later this year. The unit will increase supplies of low sulfur diesel after imports increased to record highs last year. The new unit is at the Presidente Bernardes refinery, Adaedson Costa and will have a processing capacity of 61 910 bpd.


Iran has said that the country is working hard to produce more Euro 4 grade gasoline for use across the country. Iran is looking to use more to help reduce air pollution in large cities in the country. The Imam Kohmeini refinery has increased Euro 4 gasoline production to 15 million ltrs/d.

The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company has said it is considering constructing oil refineries in Africa. There are reportedly already discussions underway to build a refinery in Sierra Leone.


A month on from his kidnapping, Amer Shawwal, director of the Haditha refinery is still being held for ransom. Shawwal was taken when on his way to the Baiji refinery, three others were kidnapped with him on 13 April at a fake check point. 


Following an explosion at the Port Harcourt refinery on Sunday 18 May, seven people are feared dead. Oil pipeline vandals siphoning oil that was on its way, and belonged to, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation caused the explosion. Many other people have suffered severe burns because of the explosion.


Following the lid of storage tank blowing at the Silver Eagle refinery in Wood Cross, Utah, an obnoxious odour was reported in the area. Thick clouds of fumes were reportedly surrounding the area and after monitoring they were found not to be toxic. The release was caused by the wax like substance inside the 300° tank melting and sending a plume of vapour directly into the air from the refinery.

After a fight between two refinery workers in, a 32 year old man dies in hospital. The two men were working on a construction project at the local refinery and started arguing at the restaurant after a night of heavy drinking.  

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