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ExxonMobil Foundation Grant awarded to low income communities

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The ExxonMobil Foundation is contributing US$ 500 00 to Teach For America to recruit and train more than 400 outstanding recent college graduates to teach maths and science in public middle schools in low income communities in Dallas, Houston, South Louisiana and Washington DC.

The grant benefits Teach for America’s initiative to bring more effective and better qualified maths and science teachers to high need schools in the country’s urban and rural districts. This donation is expected to directly impact more than 27 00 students in inner city classrooms.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, there is a 27 point gap in maths skills between low income students and their higher income peers in the 8th grade. Independent research has repeatedly shown that Teach For America teachers have a positive impact on their students’ achievement, particularly in maths and science.


‘Having a workforce highly skilled in maths and science is crucial to the country’s future success. Attracting and retaining quality maths and science teachers is the key to preparing the next generation of innovators,’ said Suzanne McCarron, president of the ExxonMobil Foundation. ‘Sponsoring Teach For America helps us build a pipelines of qualified and engaging teachers to motivate our nation’s students to study these subjects.’

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