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Natural gas infrastructure cannot wait

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On 14 May 2015, America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) hosted ‘The Next Infrastructure Challenge: Connecting to a Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy Future’ in Washington. During the event, panelists discussed the importance of investing in and modernising America's energy infrastructure and the role of innovative partnerships and private capital investments in pipeline development. They also advocated for regulatory policies that speed the permitting process at the federal, state and local levels and discussed the impact of pipelines on jobs and America's economy.

Experts from labour, industry and government agreed that greater investment in US energy infrastructure would result in economic growth, jobs and access to clean and affordable energy for millions of American consumers.

"As the world's leading natural gas producer, the US must ensure that its energy infrastructure keeps pace with growing demand and the opportunity to strengthen the American economy and energy security," said Marty Durbin, President and CEO of ANGA. "We need pipeline policies that remove delays and provide greater certainty while maintaining robust public and stakeholder input. This will help Americans fully realise the enormous potential natural gas offers, including a cleaner environment and lower energy bills."

Investment in natural gas infrastructure: commentary

ANGA President and CEO Marty Durbin: “Let’s make sure we’re having an honest, fact based and reasonable discussion on being able to move infrastructure forward in a way that is going to allow us to realize the opportunity we have.”

Sean McGarvey, President, North America’s Building Trades Unions: “Investments in oil and natural gas development, as well as infrastructure that supports that development, are huge job generators in the construction industry.”

Diane Leopold, President, Dominion Energy: “Other energy forms have their place, no doubt, but natural gas is becoming, maybe already is, the backbone of America’s energy economy and it is clean.”

Marie Jordan, Senior Vice President, Gas Operations, National Grid: “In 2013, we had the highest gas costs in the nation in the Northeast, and Marcellus is not very far away. To me, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

Sean McGarvey, President, North America’s Building Trades Unions: “We can create ladders of opportunity to middle class, specifically through construction and direct investment by the energy industry, for folks who have traditionally been left behind.”

Diane Leopold, President, Dominion Energy: “We know this investment is necessary because there is no other source that can meet the country’s needs for clean energy in sufficient quantity while also addressing safety, timeliness, reliability, affordability and reducing carbon emissions”

Marie Jordan, Senior Vice President, Gas Operations, National Grid: “They (customers) are the ones paying the price for the lack of infrastructure.”

Erica Bowman, Chief Economist, America’s Natural Gas Alliance testimony at the 5/14/15 Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee hearing on energy infrastructure legislation: “To fully realise the enormous potential presented by our natural gas abundance, it is imperative that we support the acceleration of natural gas infrastructure development in all regions of the US. A modernised infrastructure system alongside a rational and predictable regulatory regime will lead to a more secure connection between rising natural gas production and growing regional natural gas demand. Achieving this balance will help us take full advantage of our vast domestic energy resource and strengthen our energy security.”

Adapted from news release by Rosalie Starling

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