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Gasoline Regulations Act

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

AFPM President Charles T Drevna has welcomed the passing of the Gasoline Regulations Act of 2012 by members of the House of Energy and Commerce Committee. The Act was passed on 17th May 2012.


The bill passed with a vote of 28 – 13. It establishes a temporary interagency committee to conduct an analysis of the cumulative impact of regulations faced by fuel manufacturers. The Act particularly examines the impact of the interaction among Tier 3 fuel standards, GHG regulations and the RFS and ozone NAAQS. The impacts to be examined by the committee include gasoline prices, capital costs, competitiveness, employment, as well as consumers and public health.


Drevna’s comments

‘AFPM welcomes action by the committee to prevent conflicting and costly new regulations that will bring little or no environmental benefit and raise energy costs for consumers. At a time when consumers are facing high prices at the pump and refineries have been threatened with closure of have closed, it is more important than ever to ensure that EPA fully understands the costs associated with regulations before layering new obligations on American fuel manufacturers. Too often, these regulations conflict with one another and are examined in a vacuum, without accounting for the cumulative impacts on America’s fuel providers and the consumers we serve. I urge Congress and the administration to support this legislation.’

Edited from various sources by David Bizley

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