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Siemens to provide electrical equipment for USA power plant

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Siemens has been chosen to supply critical low- and medium-voltage electrical equipment and power transformers for the new Holland Energy Park combined cycle power plant in Holland, Michigan, US. Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) will use the new fuel efficient modern power plant to replace a coal-fired plant.

Siemens will also supply two gas turbines and one steam turbine for the combined cycle power plant.

Siemens will install its SPPA-T3000 Distributed Control System technology, a software system that connects, control and allows for communications of the hardware throughout the plant, integrated with its medium- and low-voltage switchgear and low-voltage motor control center for centralised monitoring and operation for the entire electrical system. The technology will comprise the latest arc-resistant switchgear, which allows workers to safely operate the electrical equipment. ??

“Siemens has aggressively pursued the installation of their equipment on this project. We are pleased to have their great technology and its’ attendant reliability installed at Holland Energy Park” stated Dan Nally, Business Services Director for the HPBW and Project Director for HEP.?

“We’re excited to extend our technology partnership with Holland Energy Park by delivering not only our leading turbine technology but providing our extensive expertise in the electrical infrastructure space,” added Kevin Yates, President of Siemens Energy Management. “Electrical systems play a critical role in ensuring the safe, efficient and successful operation of innovative energy systems like Holland Energy Park and other facilities across the country.”

Siemens will be providing its new 63 kA type medium-voltage GM-SG-AR switchgear including a vacuum circuit-breaker 3AH3 for the Holland Energy Park electrical infrastructure. Siemens will also provide three 138-13.8 kV generator step-up transformers to help provide reliable power for the Energy Park. ??

Siemens’ scope of supply regarding power generation includes two SGT-800 gas turbines and one SST-400 steam turbine. Siemens will also provide a long-term service contract for the SGT-800 gas turbines. The new plant’s cogeneration capabilities provide it with an extremely high fuel efficiency level and will generate approximately 125 MW in summer and 145 MW in winter.??

The new plant will use waste heat from the circulating water system for use in an expanding downtown snowmelt system. Circulating water from the Holland Energy Park plant will run through a heat exchanger to warm water for the snowmelt system in the downtown area. This, in turn, alleviates the need to salt or plow during the winter months.

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