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Chevron’s Fuel Your School Program

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Chevron USA Inc. has announced, along with that the 2013 Fuel Your School program raised approximately US$ 7.1 million over 16 communities. The money has benefitted more than 8000 local public school classroom projects, including over 4000 resources to support science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) curriculum and impacting a total of 940 440 students. The program has become stronger over the years and has managed to support more communities where Chevron has business operations. This is the third year of the scheme which has helped 17 000 classrooms so far.

Where the money goes
One example of a project funded by the program is at Kipp Ways Academy, Atlanta. Kevin Smith, science teacher wanted to see 100 students have the opportunity to become engineers which is challenging as the school does not have the funds for lab equipment. The program managed to fund Smith with physical lab kits.

‘I teach in one of the most impoverished areas of Georgia but I teach students of limitless potential. The lab equipment I requested will play a large role in making science more fun for my students and with helping the students learn physical science concepts,’ said Smith.

Comments on the program
‘Fuel Your School is an innovative collaboration to help our local public schools and to help support young students with an effective education in STEM. At Chevron, we depend on an educated workforce to meet our business needs, and we know that an educated and skilled workforce helps lead to economic growth for our business and the communities where we operate,’ said Dale Walsh, president of Chevron America Products.

‘Teachers spend on average nearly US$ 500 of their own money last year on materials for their students. Chevron’s innovative Fuel Your School program addresses the lack of adequate public school funding by helping equip and empower teachers to benefit students and improve education,’ said Charles Best, CEO,

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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