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A Grangemouth update

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Site to remain shut

Ineos announced in a statement on Wednesday 16th October that the Grangemouth facility is shutdown and will remain so as the facility is financially distressed and has been heavily impacted by the threat of strike action. Ineos are also reported as saying that the plant will remain closed in case further strike action is threatened as continuously shutting down and reopening the facility is hazardous. There are talks with shareholders planned for next week to discuss if the plant will indeed ever be reopened. It has also been reported that Unite have called off the strikes that were planned in the hope that the facility will be reopened.

Comments from Unite regional secretary Pat Rafferty

‘We’re astonished that Ineos attempted to legally gag Unite from exposing what we legitimately believe is the truth about the company’s finances. This attempt to tie our hands has only increased our suspicions that Ineos is using fancy accounting manoeuvres to pull the wool over the country’s eyes and treat us with contempt. The workers at Grangemouth and the people of Scotland have a right to see the truth. Thousands of jobs and the country’s economy depend on it.

‘Ineos expects to make profits of half a billion pounds in the coming years, blowing a massive hole in the company’s claims that there are serious financial difficulties at its site in Grangemouth Scotland. We believe the site has a great future and a great workforce.

‘The company gives the impression it is broke and it may need to close the Grangemouth site but we believe this is just a ploy to justify attacking its workforce and to demand government handouts.

‘We are baffled by the company’s claims of financial hardship. This leads us to believe that the company only wants to break the union and is urging the innocent Stephen Deans and claims of financial hardship to do so. Our message to Jim Ratcliffe is that you have been found out. Your scheming will not work and you can be sure that Unite will not stand by and allow you to try to crush the union.’

Comments from UK Energy Secretary Edward Davey

Following the announcements that the Grangemouth facility is to remain closed, the UK Energy Secretary said the following:

‘Grangemouth is an important part of the Scottish economy, with industry, jobs and people’s livelihoods at stake. I have worked hard with both sides to urge them to continue talking and find a way that secures a long term future for Grangemouth.

‘Motorists should be assured that the Grangemouth shut down will not affect Scotland’s petrol and diesel supplies. We have been working closely with the fuel industry and Scottish Government to ensure robust contingency measures are in place.’

Edited from various sources by Claira Lloyd

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