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Increasing gender equality in oil and gas industry

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

According to an article published by the Christian Science Monitor, nearly half of all new jobs in the oil and gas industry for the first quarter of 2013 have been filled by women. From January – March 2013, women accounted for 46% of new jobs in this industry. This compares extremely favourably to the 30% for which women accounted from October – December 2012.

Although, men still make up 82% of the oil and gas industry labour course, the latest figures indicate that the gender balance may be progressing towards greater equality.

Mary Usovicz, vice president of marketing and external affairs at OsComp, has credited the expanding role of energy in today’s economy and the national conversation surrounding it with attracting increased interest among women. The senior director of Halliburton has suggested that an increased commitment to diversity in the hiring process might also have played a significant role.

Adapted from press release by Emma McAleavey.

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