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Florida legislature considers repealing the Renewable Fuels Standard

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The Florida legislature is considering repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) this week. Due to a federal mandate, dictating 10% ethanol in gasoline, the repeal will have no material impact on the makeup of fuel in Florida.

However, many believe that the legislation will be to the detriment of investment in home grown energy, undermining the message of the RFS and giving the impression that the state legislature is withdrawing support from the biofuel industry.

Florida spends about US$ 1 billion/y on the importation of transport fuels. Investment in the biofuels was originally intended to reduce this sum, decreasing reliance on foreign fuel and increasing energy stability at home. The RFS was designed to encourage this approach.

The Florida Energy and Biofuels Association have expressed disapproval of the repeal, highlighting the risk it represents to jobs, investment and local energy security.

Adapted from press release by Emma McAleavey.

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