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Industry leaders comment on increased career opportunities for women

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The recently released IHS report, Minority and Female Employment in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries (2014), sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute (API), revealed that an unprecedented number of jobs in these sectors are to be filled by women and minorities in the run up to 2030.

Paula Jackson, President and CEO of the American Association of Blacks in Energy commented: ‘As the study highlights job opportunities, it signals the tremendous need to prepare African Americans, Hispanics and Women to be ready to fill the workforce gap.

‘These jobs in the oil and gas industry don’t just put people in work, they help to transform communities’.

‘This powerful and important report is a road map for workforce development stakeholders to align the content of their training with a sense of urgency to adequately prepare people for energy jobs’, said Jose L. Perez, Chairman and CEO of Hispanics in Energy.

‘Energy job replacement and growth is a clear pathway for diverse communities to rise from poverty to middle class’.

API President and CEO Jack Gerard emphasized that the US has ‘the natural resources and the technology to become a global energy superpower with all the economic and security benefits that entails. Smart energy policy will create tremendous opportunity for hundreds of thousands of workers’.

‘To lower unemployment and shrink the income inequality gap without spending a dime of taxpayer money, [API] encourage[s] President Obama to embrace pro-development energy opportunity’.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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