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Looking at the Indian oil and gas industry

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
HPCL are  looking at a Rs 25 000 investment to relocate its Mumbai refinery to be incorporated in the Ratnagiri, Mahashtra refinery. The 6.5 million tpy facility would contribute to a plant three times its size at around 18 million tpy.

The new plant will be funded by internal resources up to Rs 11 000 crore and a further Rs 10 000 crore will be obtained from the sale of land where the Mumbai refinery currently stands. The Mumbai refinery was originally going to be expanded at its original site, however, HPCL did not think there was enough land at the site.

Haldia Petrochemicals
HPL began production at the newly expanded Project Supermax facility. The Rs 1200 crore investment was proposed in 2007 and work began in October 2009 when the plant was completely shutdown. HPL estimate that it will take approximately one month to regain full processing capacity.

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