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API energy report

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

On 15th May, API’s President and CEO Jack Gerard presented a new API report entitled ‘Report to the Platform Committees’. This report lays out the oil and gas industry’s vision for making the correct energy policy choices for the US. Gerard told reporters at the National Press Club event, where the report was released, that a comprehensive conversation about energy policy during this presidential election year can help the US make sound decisions about energy that will create jobs, increase government revenue and enhance the nation’s security.


Gerard’s comments

"The question facing America is not whether we will continue to need oil and natural gas in the decades to come. The question is: where will we get it? Will we use our own vast energy resources or rely on others? It’s true we’ll need energy of all types, but let’s be clear. According to the government’s own projections, oil and natural gas supply most of the energy we use now and will continue to do so for generations. I believe we must acknowledge this energy reality and make the choices that will lead us to a greater energy future, a future with more jobs, more economic growth, higher government revenues and greater energy security.

"Greater access to domestic resources is the cornerstone of our energy future and the first plank to our Report to the Platform committees. All else rests upon it. Developing our onshore and offshore resources, including Alaska, and strengthening our energy partnership with Canada, could mean 1.4 million new jobs by 2030, with one million of those jobs created in just seven years.

"Energy geopolitics are rebalancing, and the Western Hemisphere, with the US, Canada and Brazil is at the forefront. This is not a vision of America at the mercy of other oil producing regions, or an America threatened by scarce resources, but of an America that holds the reins to her energy security and future prosperity."

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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