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US refinery sector critical to security and strong US economy

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Cindy Schild, API Refining Senior Manager has released details of a new television advert to highlight the importance of the US refining industry. Schild said a strong energy future for the US depends in part on the ability to refine and distribute the fuels needed, and that sound decision on the Renewable Fuels Standard, transportation infrastructure such as the Keystone XL pipeline, and refinery regulations could contribute to a more robust, competitive refinery sector that would continue to support America’s economy and strengthen its national security.


‘Our nation’s energy future has never looked better, in large part because of our rapidly advancing ability to tap into vast new oil and natural gas resources right here in the US. But a strong energy future for our nation depends also on our ability to refine and distribute the fuels from these resources.

‘US refineries compete in a global market place. Common sense policies are vital to ensuring a competitive US refining sector that will continue to invest in America’s future and continue to provide the clean burning fuels consumers use everyday. With such policies we can continue creating cleaner fuels and products in technologically advanced facilities here in the US where it means jobs for Americans, and security and revenue to our government.

‘Our refinery sector has contributed greatly to the nation’s steady improvement in air quality over the decades. Since1990, it has invested more than US$ 137 billion meeting environmental requirements. Over that time, pollution levels for the six common air pollutants, including ozone, have substantially declined, as have total emissions of toxic pollutants. America’s refineries are an indispensible part of the nation’s industrial base and our economic and energy security. We must do the right things to keep them strong.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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