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Gas industry makeover needed to close the age gap

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

According to research from the International Gas Union, Australia’s gas industry needs an image makeover to help address the ever increasing age gap and shortfall in skilled workers. This information is based on a three year research project and the findings will be presented by gas industry advisor Barbara Jinks at this year’s Australasia Oil and Gas Conference (AOG).

The research results

The research data shows that the Australian gas industry is viewed as a less attractive career option when compared with alternative industries, particularly among young people and women. The research has confirmed a significant age gap in the Australian gas industry and found that major demographical changes are on the way, with as many as 2/3 of employees planning on retirement in the next 12 – 20 years in many regions. The research has also showed that few gas companies are adequately prepared for the significant transition in their teams, with many of the workforce reaching retirement age.

A consideration of a variety of factors was included in the research, including the perception of a career in gas operations by both older and younger generations, evidence of an age/skills gap, recruitment, retention, training and knowledge management.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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