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New refinery plans for Africa

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The possibility of building four new refineries, one in Uganda and three in Nigeria are currently being discussed.

Foster Wheeler has been awarded a contract to carry out a feasibility study for a new oil refinery in Uganda. The 150 000 bpd refinery is expected to cost approximately US$ 2 billion and is a preferred alternative to shipping oil to Kenya for processing.

Foster Wheeler’s contract will include location identification, configuration, oilfield development, transportation and economic evaluation including pipeline construction. The refinery will process crude from a newly discovered 800 million bbl field.

Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation and Onando, African Petroleum and Mittal, India, are partnering to construct three refineries in Nigeria. This is in response to a recent policy by the Nigerian federal government to construct more refineries in Nigeria.

Two of the proposed refineries will process crude and be located in the South West and the Niger Delta. The other refinery will process natural gas and will be located in the North Central zone. Mittal is part of the deal as it signed a memorandum of understanding with the Nigerian government in 2005.

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