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Oil and gas industry announcements: 14 July 2014

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Clean Energy

Clean Energy Fuels Corp has announced plans to double the compressed natural gas (CNG) station capacity at Saddle Creek Transportation’s natural gas station in Lakeland, Florida, USA, where an additional 25 heavy duty natural gas trucks are expected to fuel. Additional fuelling agreements recently signed have resulted in the construction of new natural gas stations to support Clean Energy’s growing portfolio of natural gas fuel customers in the heavy duty trucking, ready mix and transit market segments.

Ion Science

In a key strategic move to boost market share and competitive edge, Ion Science has refined its core target business and announced plans to further increase focus on the petrochemical industry. Back by dedicated R&D, sector sales specialists and a growing worldwide distributor network, the company has pledged to build on its strong track record in the dedication of potentially harmful chemicals including mercury, total aromatic compounds and benzene among mixed gases.

Duncan Johns, MD, Ion Science said, ‘our skillset and expertise means that petrochemical is one of the areas in which we have a strong competitive advantage and are able to deliver high performance products that ensure worker safety and enhance production efficiencies. Ion Science’s track record in the petrochemical sector clearly demonstrates this and our renewed focus combined with on going investment in new technologies means we are ideally placed to exploit the many opportunites we are seeing.’


Sandvik Process Systems has appointed Tom Smith as Global Product Manager of its sulfur division. Tom joined Sandvik as a sales engineer in 1989 and has been involved in the sulfur industry ever since. During his 25 years with Sandvik, Smith has been instrumental in the successful completion of numerous sulfur solidification and handling projects around the world. Smith has held the position of Regional Product Specialist since 2010, responsible for all sulfur and fertiliser related activities in the Americas.

Smith graduated from the College of New Jersey in 1986 with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He is a member of The Sulphur Institute’s Information and Advocacy Working Group.


In October 2008, the European Commission imposed a fine of 318.2 million Euros on Sasol Wax GmbH and other Sasol group companies, including Sasol Limited for Sasol Wax’s involvement in the European paraffin wax cartel. The fine was paid in full by Sasol in January 2009. Sasol viewed the fine as excessive and, in December 2008, applied to the European General Court in Luxemburg for a reduction of the fine. On 11 July, the European General Court reduced the fine by 168.22 million Euros. The European Commission has the right to appeal the decision.

Sasol will account for this as a post balance sheet adjusting event. The effect of the reduced fine will be accounted for in Sasol’s FY14 income statement.


Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd. has announced that Wison Engineering Ltd., an indirectly non-wholly owned subsidiary of the company has been recognised at the 2013 Advancement Awards for Chinese Companies in Saudi Arabia due to the on schedule startup of an engineering, procurement and construction management project in Saudi Arabia which met the technical requirements of the Royal Commission of Saudi Arabia. The company also announced that project manager Li Huabing won the 2013 Advancement Project Management Award of Chinese Companies in Saudi Arabia. The awards were issued by the Consulate General of the Peoples’ Republic of China in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the Association of Chinese Companies in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Edited from various sources by Claira Lloyd

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