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Mid May construction and maintenance news: Africa and Asia

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It is possible that Uganda will experience a fuel shortage following a row between Kenya’s Mombasa oil refinery and marketers.

The Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd (KPRL) last week warned that it could soon be unable to refine petroleum products owing to severe financial constraints, a development that could affect Kenya and its landlocked neighbours; Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi.


The Mongolian government has decided that the Darkhan Petroleum refinery, the country’s first refinery, will be no less than 51% state owned.

Construction of the refinery will be funded by loans from Japanese banks and financial institutions and is planned for completion by 2015.


The Vietnamese government will allow Thai state company, Public Company Limited (PTT), to apply for a license to build a US$ 27 billion oil refinery, despite objections by PetroVietnam. PetroVietnam currently owns Vietnam’s sole refinery.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan government is seeking a US$ 2.5 billion (Rs 320 billion) loan in order to set up a new refinery. China, South Korea, Italy, Turkey and the US are among the countries with which the government is exploring the possibility of establishing a new refinery. It is hoped that any new project would help to reduce the amount spent on imported refined fuel.


The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) has issued a warning to the Guru Gobind Singh Refinery in Talwandi Sabo for emitting poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

The PPCB Superintendent Engineer has said that although emissions have been found to be within permissible limits, their continuous inhalation could be harmful to residents of the area.

Following instructions from the PPCB, the refinery management has called a team from New Zealand to take care of these issues.

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