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Shell future energy scenarios: zone of uncertainty ahead

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

On 14th February Shell published Signals and Signposts, a report into future energy scenarios which offers a deeper understanding of global developments and the world’s energy supply, use and needs. They help us to make crucial choices in uncertain times as we grapple with tough energy and environmental issues.

Signals and Signposts

The report updates our thinking by taking into account the impact of the global economic and financial crisis. Over the next four decades, the world’s energy system will see profound developments. Heightened collaboration between civil society and the public and private sectors is vital if we want to address economic, energy and environmental challenges. Partnerships must be grounded in commercial reality, but energy and environmental developments have to accelerate in the right direction. We must widen and deepen the debate across industry and geographical boundaries.


  1. We believe that the world is entering an era of volatile transitions and intensified economic cycles.
  1. We are seeing a step change in energy use.
  2. In broad brush terms, natural innovation and competition could spur improvements in energy efficiency to moderate underlying demand by approximately 20% over this time.
  1. Supply will struggle to keep pace with demand.
  1. Smart urban development, sustained policy encouragement and commercial and technological innovation can all result in some demand moderation.
  1. The global economic crisis has coincided with a shift in geopolitical and economic power from west to east.
  • 7 – Environmental stresses are increasing.

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