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Universal plans to expand

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

In a bid to expand its customer base, Universal Bioenergy (UBRG) has revealed that it is communicating with a world-leading refiner and energy producer to secure the acquisition of refined energy products and liquefied natural gas (LNG), of which the latter is a particular target.

Future lies in LNG

The LNG market, the company believes, is a particularly prevalent, long-term, investment, as global demand for LNG is on the rise. By cooling the gas into liquid form, the transportation of LNG overseas represents a highly lucrative option.

Other fuels that UBRG are planning to sell in order to develop greater revenue and higher profits are refined petroleum based energy products such as diesel and jet fuel. The retailing of LNG, however, will remain the central focus.

Reaching out

If an arrangement is reached with this leading energy producer, UBRG will have global access to a vast supply of energy products and will reach out to its emergent international customer base in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia.

Vince M. Guest, president of Universal, articulated his excitement about the impending venture, placing particular stress on the future sales of LNG: “We’re very excited about the future sales of refined energy products,” he said, “especially sales of LNG. We’re very bullish on the future outlook of LNG in the global marketplace. We feel the fundamentals of the industry are very strong, and that it is poised for even greater growth. Our plans are to continue to diversify our Company in various segments of the energy market in the U.S. and internationally. We believe this could generate higher revenues for revenues for the Company, drive us forward to profitability, and have a positive impact on our shareholders.”

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