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Demand for water treatment in China

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By 2015 the Chinese market demand for water treatment is expected to increase by more than 10% per year and hit 46.6 billion Yuan. This will make water treatment one of the fastest growing major national markets. Advances are going to be primarily driven by continued strong growth in manufacturing, power generation and other industries in the country. The Chinese government have made efforts to increase access to fresh water and improve the poor condition of surface water sources, which supply most of the country’s water needs. These efforts are also going to spur demand for water treatment chemicals, equipment and supplies.


The overall demand for water treatment products in the industrial sector is projected to grow by 11% a year until 2015, and this will account for over half of the water treatment market in China. Despite comparatively slow growth in industrial water usage of 2.4% per year until 2015, demand for water treatment products in essentially every industrial market will be robust due to efforts to use water more efficiently and treat water more intensively. As greater emphasis is placed on water recycling and waste reduction in industrial applications, the need for more assertive treatment will of course intensify.

The municipal water treatment market is expected to grow 8.8% per year until 2015. This is due mainly to the continued expansion of the Chinese water supply and wastewater treatment infrastructure. More municipal water infrastructure is of course needed to serve an ever growing urban population. In rural areas, wastewater treatment facilities and water supplies are a rare sight. Moreover, as the population becomes more affluent, there is a growing expectation of higher quality water from municipal supply systems.


It is predicted that water treatment chemicals will remain the largest product category, with sales expected to grow 8.7% per year until 2015. However, benefiting from advanced technologies and more stringent treatment standards, demand for non-chemical equipment, such as filtration, membranes and disinfection equipment, will experience healthier growth. Non-chemical disinfection equipment is expected to post the fastest growth, with demand projected to rise 20% per year until 2015.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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