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Warning to Kansas drivers

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

E15 is now available in Kansas and could damage vehicle engines, the API warned drivers in the US state on Thursday 12th July. ‘We need to press the pause button on EPA’s rush to allow higher amounts of ethanol in our gasoline,’ said Bob Greco, API downstream group director. ‘The new fuel could lead to engine damage in more than 5 million vehicles on the road today and could void manufacturer’s warranty.’

Greco told consumers that a three year study conducted by the auto and oil industries determined that E15 can cause damage to engines even though the EPA has approved the use of the fuel for cars and light trucks built after 2001. In addition, automobile manufacturers have said that vehicle warranties will not cover any damage caused by the use of E15.

‘Our first priority should be protecting consumers and the investments they’ve made in their automobiles,’ said Greco. ‘EPA has an obligation to base this decision on science and not on a political agenda.’ Greco continued to say that E15 could also damage boats, recreational vehicles, and lawn equipment and that consumers should follow the fueling recommendations in their user manual and read all gasoline pump labels before refuelling.

 Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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