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Possible buyer for Coryton

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Unite Union have announced that there could be a possible buyer for the troubled Coryton refinery in the UK. Earlier this week, Unite called on the British government to follow the example of the French government and give state aid to keep the facility running until a buyer was found to help support national interest.



Unite national officer Linda McCulloch made the announcement saying, ‘we understand that there is a possible buyer for Coryton. We can’t say who it is at present as that might jeopardise any negotiations. We understand the possible purchaser has made contact with the government. However, we urge the administrators, PwC to make contact urgently with the possible purchaser as nearly 1000 vital jobs are at stake.

‘At a time when there is concern about the future security of fuel and energy supplies to the UK, ministers need to act in the national interest and be prepared to step in to safeguard Coryton until the plant has a new owner. Coryton is too important to the economy, nationally and locally, and to fuel supplies to be allowed to close.’



A public meeting has been called for Monday 18th June. It is hoped by Unite that this meeting will help rally support to keep the refinery open in until a buyer is confirmed.

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd. More information on this topic can be found on Joe Hester's blog.

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