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Max Streicher constructs modern gas processing plant in Bordolano

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Within only one year, Max Streicher S.p.A. has constructed a gas processing plant for a new gas storage facility in Bordolano, North Italy. The plant for the gas network operator Stogit covers an area of 90 000 m² and is characterised by its high operating pressure of up to 295 bar. It is scheduled to finish the complete plant in June 2016.

Numerous large-scale construction machines were on duty on the construction site – including 15 different types of cranes.(Photo: STREICHER)

Originally, a construction period of two years was planned for the gas processing plant in Bordolano, however, due to a delay in approval, an enormous acceleration of the work activities was required. Within only 12 months, Max Streicher built a gas processing and compressor plant, including all connecting lines. To cope with this challenge, more than 300 Streicher employees and its subcontractors were on duty at the construction site during peak times.

Facilities and buildings in March 2016(Photo: STREICHER)

To ensure a fast construction progress, Streicher executed different working activities simultaneously. Therefore, the piping prefabrication was allocated to three locations, Soresina, Robecco and Parma, and the prefabrication of non-transportable components was installed on areas adjacent to the construction site. The mechanical assembly was carried out simultaneously in different areas. In addition to the common electrode welding, Streicher used different welding procedures, e.g., submerged arc welding, proteus automatic welding and semi-automatic wire welding. These methods provide flexibility and optimise the production process. Also, the civil engineering activities were carried out at the same time, isolated from the rest of the working progress with temporary fencing in order to avoid any problems of interference.

Due to a quick project progress, MAX STREICHER S.p.A. used effective working procedures.(Photo: STREICHER)

The gas storage facility in Bordolano is comprised of state of the art technology. Two stage compressors, with a power of 15 and 25 MW, were installed. They are powered by turbogas turbines and perform a pressure rise from 70 to 295 bar. For gas drying, the LTS method (low temperature system) is used. Burners and releases into the atmosphere allow the gas dehydration only through a physical process, without using glycol. Furthermore, the plant is equipped with all possible safety systems, which allow the operator to quickly locate the sources of fires, escaping gas or other emissions. So-called HIPPS (high integrity pressure protection systems) protect the plant from excessive overpressure through rapid closing of the feed lines, instead of draining or releasing the gas.

Max Streicher S.p.A. has already completed the essential facilities for the injection, the gas supply from the wells, as well as the connection to the Snam Rete Gas network.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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