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Oil and gas authorities comment on State of the Union Address

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

AFPM comments from Charles T. Drevna, President, AFPM

‘As President Obama commences the second term, his legacy will be defined by several obvious benchmarks that are inexorably bound together. They are jobs, the economy, energy independence and national security. In his State of the Union Address, the President has the unique opportunity to begin to write his legacy based upon a free and open market philosophy by embracing the significant role that North American oil and natural gas can play in the economic revitalisation and catalyst for the energy and national security that seven of his predecessors have sought. We hope he does not squander such an opportunity by latching onto unrealistic and costly mandates aimed at picking winners and losers in the marketplace, to the disadvantage of consumers and our nation’s economic growth.’

API comments from Marty Durbin, API’s executive vice president

‘During the presidential campaign last year, we were encouraged by the president’s strong commitment to oil and natural gas development as an essential part of his all of the above energy strategy. We, therefore, look forward to hearing in tonight’s State of the Union speech how the president views the role of the US oil and natural gas industry in meeting our shared energy and economic objectives.

‘Our industry is part of an energy revolution that has become an enormous asset to our nation’s recovery and economic future. Vast energy resources made availability by advanced technology have opened the door to new oil and gas development that is putting more Americans to work, cutting imports, making US businesses more competitive, spurring economic growth, and strengthening our energy and national security.

‘And we can do much more. We can be a major driver of a better energy future, an all of the above energy future that can help lead the nation’s economy forward, achieving the goals of robust growth and full employment that the president has identified and will likely address this evening.’

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