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Repeal the only way to fix RFS?

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

In response to a hearing before the US Committee on Environment and Public Works looking at the impacts of the RFS, Harry Alford from the National Black Chamber of Commerce noted the harmful repercussions of the failed federal renewable fuel mandate.

Comments from Alford

‘This week’s hearing calls attention to the painfully clear fact that the RFS has been a flop, and a harmful one, at that. The unrealistic and unattainable production levels demanded by the RFS have placed a drain on our economy, increasing fuel prices, undermining the prospects of small business owners and their employees, and driving up the cost of food, from corn and meat to eggs and milk.

‘The recent decision to reduce the production volume mandated under the RFS was a step in the right direction. But the only way to truly fix the problems created by this federal fuels folly is to fully repeal the RFS. Until then, small businesses, the poor and consumers throughout all sectors of the economy will still be forced unnecessarily to bear the burden of a standard that has been fatally flawed since its inception.’

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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