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EPA’s BACT guidance

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has responded to the guidance issued on 10th November by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its best available control technology (BACT) for state and local permitting authorities as they implement the Clean Air Act permitting programs for regulating GHG emissions.


According to API’s Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Howard Feldman:

‘The EPA is railroading job killing regulations onto states, localities and America’s businesses, during a time of uncertain economic recovery, without giving those affected adequate time to review, provide comments, or even implement the new regulations. EPA’s regulations take effect January 2nd 2011, but it’s already November and EPA is just now releasing guidance documents for permitting.’

‘There is consensus among many people, including President Obama, that EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act many not be the proper path forward for climate change policy. Many governors around the country have expressed alarm about the consequences of this regulations on the economy and jobs given the current economic environment.’

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