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Global refining roundup

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

China has announced that during April, its refined crude throughput reached a record high of 8.37 million bpd. This output is approximately 17.1% higher than a year earlier. This figure was achieved as many refineries returned from planned shutdowns to meet the ever improving domestic fuel sales and increasing demand.

National Oil Corporation (NOC), Libya, has announced plans to invest in the construction of two refineries in Indonesia. One refinery will be built in Bojanegara, Banten and the other in Balongan, West Java. NOC hopes to be a major supplier of crude to the refineries as they are to have a large stake in the project funding. Both facilities are expected to process 300 000 bpd.

South Africa
In South Africa the debate continues as to whether the country should construct a new refinery or not. BP chief economist Christof Ruehl is currently urging the country to import 2% more refined products from diversified refineries in the Middle East and Asia to supply increasing demand. He is putting forward this proposal as the country already has excess capacity of approximately 16 million bpd and does not need to add to this figure with another new facility.

Development of the Dakota Spirit Ag Energy biomass refinery is progressing quickly, a company representative announced recently. The US$ 300 million plant will produce cellulosic ethanol. The biomass facility will be constructed in Jamestown, North Dakota and will be the first facility of its kind in the US.

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