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TruStar Energy celebrates new CNG fuelling station

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

TruStar Energy has announced the opening of a new time-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling station for Basin Disposal, located in Pasco, Washington.

The new station was installed to fuel Basin Disposal’s current fleet of four CNG garbage trucks. Basin Disposal’s President Darrick Dietrich commented: “We currently have four CNG-powered trucks in our fleet and two pickup trucks that have been converted to run on CNG, but plan to add an additional five next year. We’re speeding up our normal replacement schedule to increase our return on investment”.

The new station is a TruStar Energy PFS Elite 150 portable fuel system (PFS), the newest addition to the TruStar product line. The system aims to belnd technology with practicality for smaller fleer owners or those that have fleets distributed between several locations that each need natural gas fuelling.

Scott Edelback, TruStar Energy Sales Vice President, said: “We updated our original PFS design to make it more modular as well as easier to service. We had a lot of customers tell us that they loved the idea of a portable system, but wanted the flexibility to easily add more compressors to keep pace with their expanding fleets. Our engineering department took those comments and established a common frame that would allow for up to three compressors, while maintaining the portability of the system”.

"The fact that the PFS is movable is important to us as there are plans to eventually build a larger public fast-fill station at this location", said Dietrich. "The PFS can easily be transferred to our Walla Walla location as we convert our 10-truck fleet there."

"Migrating from diesel to CNG is a game changer for enhancing profitability of transportation operations", said TruStar Energy President, Adam Comora. "Fuel savings from 30% to 50% create significant value for fleet operators and their partners. Not only is CNG better for the environment and bottom line profitability, the domestic nature of natural gas truly insulates us from artificial price fluctuations brought on by issues in the Middle East, making a win-win-win solution."

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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