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NPRA seeks cooperation on safety issues at refineries and petrochemical plants

Operators of petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants want to work closely with federal agencies, labour unions and others to make further progress in preventing injuries and fatalities at their facilities, the president of the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA), told a Senate subcommittee on 10th June 2010.

‘Nothing is more precious than good health and the lives of our employees and contractors,’ NPRA President Charles R. Drevna said in prepared testimony to the Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety. ‘There has been significant progress over the years, as facilities continually enhance their safety programs. The result is fewer and fewer people being injured at refineries and petrochemical plants.’

‘We firmly believe that there is no tolerable level of injury,’ Drevna added. ‘There is no tolerable level of workplace related incidents. Our goal is to reduce these to zero, and we will do everything possible to reach that goal.’

‘We believe that the best way to improve safety in our industry is to work in cooperation, rather than confrontation, with all stakeholders: OSHA, the Chemical Safety Board, labour unions, contractors and Congress,’ Drevna said. ‘We all seek the same goal, safe workplaces, where every worker goes home safe and sound every day.’

Drevna said NPRA is planning a workshop focusing on refinery safety with significant input from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and labour unions this fall. He invited committee members and their staffs to attend.

NPRA statement on defeat of Murkowski resolution

Charles T. Drevna, president of NPRA, issued the following statement on 10th June after the US Senate failed to pass a resolution sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act:

‘The fight against extreme and economically devastating environmental regulations continues. EPA’s aggressive regulatory agenda will strike a terrible blow to American families worried about the cost of fueling their cars, American workers worried about losing their jobs, and American manufacturers worried about being forces to shut their doors and lay off employees.’

‘The Clean Air Act was never designed to apply to greenhouse gases. Supporters of the Murkowski resolution, which would have prevented EPA from using its regulatory powers to expand the Clean Air act into uncharted and economically dangerous territory, will now continue and intensify their efforts.’

‘While the Murkowski resolution did not pass, it won support from a bipartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate. This indicates that many senators understand the grave damage that overreaching climate legislation would have on the American people and our economy.’

‘The Murkowski resolution was just the first skirmish of 2010 in the continuing battle by opponents of federal climate change legislation to prevent the enactment of a federal cap and trade bill this year.’

‘More skirmishes will follow as the flight continues to deliver the message to the Senate that such legislation will devastate America’s fragile economic recovery, outsource our nation’s energy future overseas, eliminate many US jobs, and impose hundreds of billions of dollars in increased electricity, gasoline and other energy costs on American families, farmers and motorists.’

2010 Cat Cracker Seminar

Registration is now open for the biennial NPRA Cat Cracker Seminar. Whether you are in operations, technical service, maintenance, reliability or process engineering, you will find a comprehensive program of workshops and Q&A sessions that meets your needs for improving your FCC operation and reliability.

A table top exhibition will showcase the latest technological advances in FCC equipment, catalysts, refractory, diagnostics and reliability services by companies that specialise in FCC equipment and technology.

The Seminar attracts experts from throughout the industry so it is an ideal networking opportunity for anyone whose responsibilities include FCC operations.

August 24 – 25 2010
Intercontinental Houston Hotel
Houston, TX


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