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Industry workers meet with members of Congress to discuss US energy policy

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

More than 20 American refinery workers from at least a dozen states have travelled to Capitol Hill this week to meet with policymakers about the critical importance of America’s refineries to the nation’s economy and energy security. The group will visit with members of Congress, their staffs and administration officials to discuss their experiences, their contributions to their communities, and the impact of energy policy on their ability to compete globally.

‘It is critical for policymakers to get the perspective of their constituents firsthand, especially those who represent a cornerstone American industry,’ said API’s refining issues manager Cindy Schild.

‘The US oil and natural gas industry supports 9.2 million American jobs and provides our nation with most of its energy. Energy policy should be informed by an understanding of how our oil and natural gas companies contribute to a strong economy and a secure energy future. While we import most of our oil, we still refine most of that oil here at home, including the gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and others products that drive our economy and fuel our military. Our ability to reliably provide these fuels during peacetime and wartime is fundamental to our national security as well as to our energy security.’

The US refining sector sustains 460 000 well paid, highly skilled American jobs across the country. It supplies the vast majority of the fuels used by Americans and provides the petrochemicals that are the building blocks for a vast array of products that impact our everyday lives.

‘Our refineries are important parts of their communities. They invest in them, are a large part of the tax base, and contribute time and energy to making life better for everyone,’ said Schild. ‘Energy policy needs to recognise the contributions refineries make and ensure they continue doing the important work they do to keep our nation strong.’

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