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API praises Congress as some members block EPA regulations

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

API President and CEO Jack Gerard has applauded members of Congress, who today voted to preserve American jobs by blocking EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.  Gerard observed that while no single amendment won enough votes to pass in the Senate, ‘more than 60 Senators, an overwhelming majority, voted in one way or another to keep the EPA from moving forward.’

Gerard also called on President Obama to work with this bipartisan group to come to an agreement:

‘Today is another step toward victory for American consumers who cannot afford EPA’s unnecessary regulations that could raise the cost of energy and destroy jobs.  Today’s votes show that a growing bipartisan coalition recognises that Congress, not unelected agency officials, should be setting the energy and economic policy of the United States.

‘President Obama needs to work with this coalition and come to an agreement on efforts to block these regulations and help businesses create the jobs Americans need. The president himself has called for the elimination of federal regulations that are overly burdensome on businesses trying to create jobs, and the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations should be at the top of that list.

‘Congress has rightfully taken steps to restore the intended purpose of the Clean Air Act by protecting aspects of the law that improve air quality while stopping the EPA from overreaching its authority.’

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