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EuroLoop set to open in March

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

On Wednesday 24 March, Maria van der Hoeven, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, will open NMi’s new calibration facility, EuroLoop.

Thanks to the unique design of the loop and a number of technical tours de force, EuroLoop has taken a major step forward with respect to the accuracy of measuring large liquid and gas flows. Assuming the current Dutch import and export volumes (the 'gas roundabout'), the economic significance that we are talking about resulting from an improvement in accuracy of 0.1% could be as much as €25 million annually.

Oil and gas conference
The official opening of EuroLoop on 24 March 2010 will be attended by 150 VIPs from the oil and gas world. On Thursday 25 March, NMi and VSL will jointly organise the first Milestones in Metrology – Oil & Gas conference. International speakers will give their vision on the hot topics in the area of oil and gas measurement: LNG (liquefied natural gas) measurements, traceability and management of measurement data. In two introduction courses in flow measurement (oil and gas), which have been specially created for the occasion, participants can become acquainted with the most important principles of flow measurement. More information about the conference can be found on Registration is open.

About EuroLoop
No other facility in the world can assess and calibrate industrial oil and gas meters with such a low level of measurement uncertainty. The meters concerned are up to 30 in. in diameter and are built into the international trunk network for oil and gas, they form an important link in the oil and gas trade. Meters from throughout the world will be shipped to EuroLoop to be calibrated.

Thanks to the loop construction, which allows an enormous volume of gas to be repeatedly reused, NMi is no longer dependent on the consumption of gas, which is the case with the current facility. In addition to the low level of measurement uncertainty, this allows NMi to offer its clients a faster service.

To guarantee the lowest level of measurement uncertainty, the EuroLoop facility includes various technical tours de force. Two large gasholders each with a capacity of 3500 m³, form an important part of the loop system. When a meter is being installed or removed from the system, or during low-pressure testing, the excess gas is stored here temporarily. As a result, it is unnecessary to flare off gas. The temperature is an important variable when taking gas and oil measurements, as there is a strong relationship between the volume of a substance and its temperature. Therefore, in the oil circuits, ultrasound is used to continually monitor the temperature through the entire pipe. The measurement results of fluid meters are likewise strongly dependent on the viscosity. EuroLoop allows three different viscosities to be tested, to allow the actual situation to be approached as closely as possible.

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