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Asian refinery updates

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During March and April of 2011, the PetroChina Co. run West Pacific Petrochemical Corp. will shut its Dalian refinery for maintenance. The facility will be shut for 30 days.


The Indian cabinet has approved a proposal to set up a petrochemicals zone in Orissa. Indian Oil Corp., will invest in a 300 000 bpd refinery in the region which hopes to attract US$ 62.2 billion of investment.


Jurong Aromatics Corp. is going to construct a petrochemicals facility on an island near Singapore. The company has secured loans of US$ 1.56 billion to help fund the project. The facility will cost approximately US$ 2.4 billion and is expected to come online in 2014.


On November 26th CPC Corp. closed the No. 1 crude distillation unit at the Taoyuan refinery. The unit will be offline for maintenance for approximately 45 days. The No. 11 unit is also offline for maintenance, which is expected to last the same amount of time.

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