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20 years of the Fieldbus Foundation

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

On 7th April, Fieldbus Foundation commemorated its 20th anniversary. As a not for profit trade organisation dedicated to fieldbus technology, the foundation led the effort to develop an open, interoperable, international fieldbus protocol. The resulting technology, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, changed the face of industrial automation.

Foundation details

With headquarters in Austin, Texas, the organisation represents over 200 process industry companies, their subsidiaries and affiliates across the globe. Members include almost all major suppliers of control systems and instrumentation, as well as many of the world’s largest end users of plant automation technology. The foundation’s technology is an all digital, two way communications system that interconnects field equipment on a single network. It is intended for use in mission critical plant automation environments where the proper transfer and handling of data, and control loop integrity, are essential.


Fieldbus Foundation president and CEO, Richard Timoney said, ‘the foundation and its members have made remarkable progress over the last two decades. Each year, FOUNDATION fieldbus experiences an accelerating rate of global adoption, with major installations throughout the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, paper, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Our members report sales of fieldbus based products are now a significant of their overall business activity.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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