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2014 water technology company of the year

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Global Water Intelligence has named Oasys Water the 2014 Water Technology Company of the Year. This award recognises significant contributions to the field of water technology, underscoring Oasys’ powerful and innovative forward osmosis technology.

The technology is used to treat challenging industrial wastewater, such as waste from power plants and produced water from exploration and production activities. With Oasys’ forward osmosis technology, these water are transformed into fresh water for reuse at a significant cost and energy savings to alternative methods.


Jim Matheson, CEO, Oasys Water said, ‘the Oasys team is honoured and overjoyed that the global water community has selected us as the water technology company of the year as this validates our commitment to developing transformational technology to provide sustainable solutions to the global water shortage. This recognition and validation will further ignite our passion for developing and deploying technologies to transform the world’s most difficult waters into valuable resources that also provide massive environmental benefits and monetary savings.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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